Apollo 11 Moon landing: conspiracy theories debunked

1) once the astronauts ar golf shot up the flag it waves. there’s no wind on the Moon.

The flag is delayed by a gymnastic apparatus and easily moves once it’s unfurled and because the pole is being fastened into position by the astronauts. The flagpole is light-weight, versatile Al and continues to vibrate when the astronauts jilting, giving the impression of processing within the wind.

2) No stars ar visible within the footage taken by the Apollo astronauts from the surface of the Moon.

The Apollo landing takes place throughout satellite mornings, with the Sun shining bright. the celebs don’t seem to be bright enough during this light-weight to be captured within the pictures.

3) No blast crater is visible within the footage taken of the satellite landing module.

The landing module touches down on solid rock, coated in a very layer of fine satellite mud, thus there’s no reason why it’d produce a blast crater. notwithstanding the bottom were less solid, the quantity of thrust being created by the engines at the purpose of landing and pop out is incredibly low compared to a landing on Earth thanks to the relative lack of gravitative pull.

4) The landing module weighs seventeen tons and however sits on prime of the sand creating no impression. Next to that astronauts’ footprints is seen within the sand.

The layer of satellite mud is fairly skinny, therefore the landing module sits on the solid rock. The dust, while blown away by the blast from the descent engines, quickly settles back on the bottom and is below the astronauts once they begin their moonwalk.

5) The footprints within the fine satellite mud, with no wet or atmosphere or sturdy gravity, ar unexpectedly well preserved, as if created in wet sand.

The lack of wind on the moon means that the footprints in fine, dry satellite mud aren’t blown away within the approach they’d be if created in a very similar substance on Earth.

6) once the landing module flies from the Moon’s surface there’s no visible flame from the rocket.

The rockets within the landing module ar high-powered by fuel containing a mix of reducing agent and dinitrogen tetroxide, that burn with no visible flame.

7) If you speed up the film of the astronauts walking on the Moon’s surface they appear like they were recorded on Earth and caught up.

The best you’ll be able to say is: affirmative, a bit, however not very.

8) The astronauts couldn’t have survived the trip thanks to exposure to radiation from the James Alfred Van Allen radiation belt.

This claim is essentially supported a claim from a Russian traveller. The short time it takes to meet up with the belt, combined with the protection from the artificial satellite, means that any exposure to radiation would be terribly low.

9) The rocks brought back from the Moon ar similar to rocks collected by scientific expeditions to Antarctica.

Some Moon rocks are found on Earth, however they’re all scorched and oxidized from their entry into the Earth’s atmosphere as asteroids. Geologists have confirmed with complete certainty that the Apollo rocks should are brought from the Moon by man.

10) All six Moon landings happened throughout the United States President administration. No different statesman has claimed to possess landed astronauts on the Moon, despite forty years of fast technological development.

This is a favorite among conspiracy theorists as a result of it desires no proof however points the finger at the presidency of Richard M. Nixon. the very fact is that when the Apollo landings, the race had been won and also the cash dried up. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has no interest in coming back second, and politicians on each facet realized that lower-orbit missions had a lot of bigger industrial and military potential.

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