Bet on Losers and Win at the Greyhound Track

I recognise many expert players that do not play maiden races at the greyhound song. i’ve a near buddy that plays at Palm beach Kennel club and he never bandar ceme on them. however I recognise a few truely awesome players that specialize in maiden races.

how can you play maiden races and win extra cash at the greyhound track? let’s examine if we cannot explore how to win at the greyhound music in maiden races!

in many instances you will see maiden runners which might be so apparent all people will play them. it’s miles tough to make cash on these greyhounds due to the odds. In races like this there are a pair of things to look for that would land you a long shot winner!

Is the heavily favored greyhound a primary time starter? (most effective has training races)
Is the closely desired greyhound in a bad field like the 5 or 6 field?
Is there a greyhound with poor lines that is placed properly to win these days?
First time starters are awesome greyhounds to bet towards in maiden races. specially if their education races were in opposition to small fields of 3, 4 or 5 different greyhounds. ensure you usually see how many greyhounds they competed towards in education races. in the event that they ran extremely good against complete 8 greyhound fields then it’s far more likely they’ll run well of their first maiden race. then again, a first time starter that has only run against some puppies in training races is probably overbet.

Drawing the right field may be very vital and even more so whilst managing green greyhounds. generally that is the 4, five or 6 boxes. So make certain you check for that.

you may find a bomb in those races and beat a heavy preferred by means of seeking out greyhounds that haven’t been set up to win yet. for example a greyhound that has run 3 maiden races from the 4, 5 and six field with top 5 finishes that is drawing the 1 field or 8 box these days. they may have a publish advantage that might translate right into a exquisite ride and lengthy odds.

Maiden races on the greyhound track may be very profitable! simply ensure you take a look at all of the angles. Your advantage in mutuel wagering is to locate blessings that the general public of other bettors will pass over. in case you usually hold this in mind you can cash larger tickets greater often.

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