Estimate the Complete Equal Lithium Load of a Battery

We often see the chemical element lithium printed on batteries and we begin to ponder how a lot of it was loaded into the battery. Permit us go immediately to the approach on how to compute its lithium material. To begin with we must create the subsequent data: 1st is the whole equivalent lithium content material (ELC) for 1 cell of the battery, next is the sum of cells in the battery. To compute the ELC (in grams), ELC is equal to the battery’s electrical power (in ampere-hrs) multiply by .3 then multiplied by the battery’s sum of cells.

Get the circumstance of an HP Compaq 367759-001 battery with ten.8V, 8800 mAh, Li-ion complex specification as an instance.

Allow us start by computing the ELC utilizing the formulation declared previously. We know the electricity score to be 8800 mAh (milliamps) and we need to change it to Ah (amp hrs) to use our method and we have eight.8 Ah (8800 mAh equals eight.8 Ah). And so we are now prepared to compute the HP Compaq 367759-001 battery 1 mobile ELC which is 8.eight x .3 equals 2.64 grams.

Moreover, we are required to create the sum of cells from our chosen battery. The battery’s voltage was presented at ten.8V, we need to divide that by the minimal voltage of a single cell then we get the sum of cells in series as a outcome. Up coming is to divide the battery’s offered capability (8800 mAh) by the nominal functionality of one particular cell and we get the resultant sum of cells in parallel. Now we can compute the sum of cell in the battery by multiplying the series and parallel results. Of all the cells in HP 367759-001, the number 18650 is often employed. It has a common lower voltage of 3.6V and 2200 mAh nominal capability. 18650 Battery Store are now prepared to compute the sum of cells in the HP Compaq 367759-001 battery with this: (8800 mAh/2200 mAh) x (ten.8 volts/3.six volts) equals twelve cells.

To conclude our endeavor to uncover the overall ELC in HP Compaq 367759-001 battery, we want to do the subsequent computation. We have the information for a single cell’s ELC at 2.64 grams and the sum of cells in the battery is 12 cells. Lastly, compute the whole equivalent lithium load of the battery by doing this calculation: two.64g x 12 = 31.68 grams.

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