How to Hide Friends On Facebook

Some Facebook clients couldn’t care less on the off chance that others can see the general population on their ​Friends list, yet a significant number of the informal organization’s clients consider Facebook security and protection important. They lean toward finish control over the data the site shares. Along these lines, Facebook gives easy to-utilize headings to concealing your whole ​​Friends list or simply part of it.

There’s no reason for looking in Facebook’s Privacy Settings to hide your Friends list—you won’t discover it there.

Rather, the settings are concealed on the screen that shows every one of your companions. After you find it, select one of a few choices to control which of your companions, assuming any, can be seen by others on your Facebook page. Point of confinement perceivability just to your companions, just to yourself, or to one of numerous other modified rundown alternatives Facebook offers.

Picking a Friends Privacy Setting on the Facebook Website

At the Facebook site, click your name in the best menu bar or at the highest point of the side board to move to your Timeline.

Select the “Companions” tab under your cover photograph.

Tap the pencil symbol in the upper-right corner of the Friends screen.

Select “Alter Privacy” to open another board.

In the Friend List segment, tap the bolt just to one side of “Who can see your companions list?”

View the settings on the drop-down menu. The alternatives include: Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom and More Options.

Extend “More Options” to see that you can likewise choose from Chat List, Close Friends, Family and some other records you or Facebook set up.

Make a choice and snap “Done” to close the window.

In the event that you favor, you can get to the screen that demonstrates every one of your companions from your Home screen as opposed to your Timeline. Look to the Friends heading on the left half of the Home screen. Float ​over “Companions” and select “More.”

What the Settings Mean

On the off chance that you need to conceal every one of your companions from inquisitive eyes, select “Just Me” in the drop-down menu and be en route.

At that point, nobody can perceive any of your companions. In the event that you would prefer not to be that general, you can show just a subset of your companions and conceal the rest. Facebook makes some redid companions records for you, and you may have made some yourself or have records from Facebook Pages or Groups. You’ll see all the accessible alternatives, and they’ll generally include:

Open: Everyone, wherever can see the names and photographs of individuals on your ​Friends list.

Just Me: No one however you can see your companions.

Companions: Only individuals who are on your Friends rundown can see alternate people on the rundown.

Talk List: This rundown contains just companions you visit with. In the event that you’ve killed visit for a few people, they are excluded on the Chat List.

Dear Friends: If you’ve added a few companions to the Facebook Close Friends list, their names are recorded here.

Family. On the off chance that you’ve recognized anybody one as a relative, Facebook consequently adds their names to the Family list.

City and state. On the off chance that you entered a present city and state on your profile, you can show just the companions who recorded a similar city.

Concealing Friends Lists on Mobile Facebook Apps

Facebook applications for cell phones work a little uniquely in contrast to the site.

In spite of the fact that you can see a screen of your companions, you can’t change the protection setting for the Friends List in the way given above while in the application. Access the Facebook site on a PC or utilize a portable program to open the Facebook site and roll out the improvements there.

The most effective method to Prevent People From Seeing Posts From Your Friends on Your Timeline

Choosing a Friends list protection choice doesn’t keep your companions from posting on your Timeline, and when they do, they might be seen unless you make an extra move to restrain the group of onlookers in Timeline and Tagging.

Utilize the bolt at the upper right corner of any Facebook page and select “Settings.”

Pick “Course of events and Tagging” on the left half of the screen.

Snap “Alter” beside “Who can perceive what others post on your Timeline?”

Select a group of people starting from the drop menu. Select “Just Me” on the off chance that you need to keep the personalities of your companions private when they post on your Timeline.

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