The Couch Business – The Internet Businesses

Is there any business that provides you with the luxury of minting money while sitting on your living room couch like the home based internet business? The home based internet business man/woman is the envy of all those rush hour office goers. If you are one amongst the scuttling, perspiring office-going crowds Garant Business Consultancy, you might try to justify your job with claims such as, “I love my job and I do not mind traveling for it.” Agreed, going to the office cannot be as difficult as building the Taj Mahal (Trivia: The builder, Shah Jahan cut off the hands of every laborer involved in its construction, which took twenty years, so that such a marvelous edifice could never be build again). Yet, dear office going, tired and exhausted man/woman, would you love your work any less if you did it from the comforts of your home? In fact, isn’t the home based internet business where you can be a consultant, marketer, artist, writer, finance or IT specialist, etc, the ideal business for you?

Halt; take a note of the six essentials before you jump this bandwagon! Point one: Being at home should not mean that the focus and attention to your work shall be compromised. You have to leverage you personal and working life within the walls of your home.

Point two: Do not be the easy game of scammers by being excessively trusting. Several home based internet businesses have collapsed because of this simple problem of naivety.

Point three: Do not be gluttonous. Remember the childhood moral story of the greedy dog that lost the bone to the depths of the pond because he thought that the reflection of the bone in his mouth was a second bone? You might get several offers, but always try to retain your old customer base and give the older customers priority.

Point four: Always promise only that which you can actually give. This way you can keep deadlines and a high accuracy rate along with retaining the trust of your employers.

Point five: Organize yourself. Have deadlines for your own self for every task in hand and try to be honest about these deadlines. In the world of home based internet businesses, the smart one is the fast one.

Point six: Learn to be creative. There are many individuals and organizations that work online, so what have you got that makes you different and special to all the employers? If you answer this question with gumption and confidence, then, you are already half way there. To answer this question you need to have a driving force in your mind, a force that isn’t only motivated by the power of cash, but by the simple fact that you love what you do.


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